Day Evening and Weekend Adventures for Women

Sweetlife Adventures empowers women.

Since 2010, Sweetlife Adventures has been empowering women through all inclusive day, evening, & overnight adventures.

Being your best lets you give your best to your people.

Friends. Family. Career. Community. The world.

You will experience unique day, evening, and weekend adventures in safe, social and supportive settings. Adventures that feed your soul and push your body. Adventures that make you smile because they are really darn fun.

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Sweetlife Adventures is your time. All yours.

Your adventure is complete with  ~

  • Premier locations
  • Expert instruction
  • Coordinated equipment
  • Catered meals
  • Safe, social, and supportive settings

This is yours. Game on.

Sit back and enjoy the ride

Your schedule is crazy. You keep track of details out the wazoo. You deserve easy. You deserve to be taken care of. So here’s the deal – you only have to do one thing. Show up. After that you put your to-do list on autopilot, take a deep breath and just be. Be challenged. Be proud. Be your best you.

Then stand up and celebrate

The real fun is after. Looking back at the summit as you drive away. Pulling the kayak from the river. Handing the reins back to the cowboy. Thinking you know exactly what you are going to say at dinner tonight when asked the highlight of your day. Thinking you feel taller. You smile. This was all you. And it was sweet.

It’s your life. Make it sweet.